ARIS Spelling Bee Winners Announced

ARIS Spelling Bee Winners Announced
Posted on 02/01/2022
Below are photos of the winners, the eight amazing finalists, the volunteers, and some of the gifts the students and volunteers received. The champion and runner up both received Barnes and Noble gift cards as well. 
The amazing finalists names are as follows: 

Shubham Sawant

Madhura Karekar - 2nd place winner

Sragvi Basireddy

Aarush Srivats

Ishan Bala - Champion

Azmian Farooqui

Yuvraj Upreti

Arusha Bhargava

The incredibly gracious volunteers are as follows:
Mary Martin, Scott Hebenstreit, Ann Campbell, Emily Withers, Melissa Lavell, and Megan Corlis for initial tech support.