Spirit Days


NOVEMBER 18 - Class Color Day (each team chooses a class color to wear and 

                                                      wear it head to toe)

DECEMBER 16 - Pajama Day/Slipper Day

JANUARY 28  -  Sports Wear Day  (jersey, shirt, hat, or favorite team’s color)

FEBRUARY 18 - 100th Day of School (dress like you are 100 years old)

MARCH 25  -  Tacky Tourist Day  (Pull out the fanny packs and binoculars for a day of cheesy 


APRIL 20  -  WaCky WeDnEsDay  (Crazy Clothes, Crazy Hair, Socks, etc…)

MAY 20 -   Patterns Day

(Think Plaid Day, Stripes Day, Polka Dot) 


JUNE 17  -  HAT (Baseball hat, Cowboy/girl hat, Beret, Beanie, Bucket hat, etc…)