2023 Teacher of the Year & ESP

2023 Teacher of the Year and Educational Services Professional
Posted on 12/19/2022

2023 Governor’s Educators of the Year Recognition Program

Thomas Augello - Teacher of the Year for 2023


Bachelor’s Degree from New Jersey City University in Sports Management 

Masters Degree from Seton Hall University in Educational Administration

21 Years total in the field of education

  • 2 years at St. Joe’s (East Orange, NJ) teaching grades 5 & 6 math
  • 2 years at St. Anthony’s High School (Jersey City, NJ) as teacher an Athletic Director
  • 5 years at St. Joe’s (East Orange, NJ) teaching grades 7 & 8 math / science 
  • 6 years at Philip's Academy (Newark, NJ) teaching physical education & Math
  • 5 Years at Auten Road Intermediate School as a grade 5 math / science teacher

Mr. Augello says the best part of his job is the day-to-day engagement with his students and the great staff at ARIS who he works alongside.

“Mr. Augello is a very dedicated and inspirational teacher who makes sure the kids enjoy learning and makes it a joyful experience leaving them thirsty to study more. He takes time to understand each kid and works with them based on their appetite for knowledge and builds on them slowly, giving them confidence but with good results at the end. He was able to inspire my child to learn more, especially give her confidence and believe in herself. He deserves to be recognized and appreciated to be a role model for other teachers.” ~ Submitted by a student



“Mr. Augello exemplifies all of the qualities an educator should have. He is patient, kind, has a sense of humor, is engaging, approachable, and communicative. Mr. Augello finds a way to connect with each and every student and goes out of his way to do so. Whether it be sports, science, the stock market, he could talk to the students about any subject matter!

My child reported to me that Mr. Augello went to some of the student’s games and activities, outside of school time!

Mr. Augello has left my child with a love for math and school. My child will frequently try to walk by Mr. Augello’s classroom or go down to his room during WIN time. A teacher has the most important job. We leave our children in the care of a teacher each and every day and hope that they learn and continue to grow. With Mr. Augello, you get all of that and so much more. He works hard to shape, encourage, and create independent thinkers and caring people. He provides a safe and trusting environment which fosters a student’s growth and independence.”

~ Submitted by a parent

Gayle Fodera - Educational Services Professional of the Year for 2023


Bachelor’s Degree from William Paterson University in Elementary Education and Teacher of Reading

29 years working in the field of education

  • 4 years at St. Joe’s (North Plainfield, NJ) as an elementary school teacher
  • 5 years at Union Twp. School District (Hunterdon County, NJ) as a sixth grade teacher
  • The last 20 Years as an Instructional Assistant at ARIS

Gayle remained home for 12 years raising her family. Gayle and her family have been residents of Hillsborough Township since 1984. She has two daughters who went through Hillsborough School District.

Mrs. Fodera says the best part of her job is working with her students and seeing how they grow.

“Gayle is just a joy to be around. She is always such a positive person, which makes working with her so enjoyable everyday! You can tell that all of the students she works with feel the same way. She treats students with such kindness, always displaying patience and understanding with even our toughest students. Gayle has worked with almost every population of Special Education students in our building. When I worked with Gayle in the LLD mild class, I was so appreciative of how well she worked with all of our students. Also, I loved how she just 'jumped in' and was always doing something productive in the classroom and always helping in a big way, whether it be working with a student one on one, organizing, monitoring, repeating directions, whatever you have it. She is so efficient and reliable, and is truly a busy bee!! Anyone who gets to work with Gayle in their classroom is extremely lucky. Gayle is the special kind of person who comes into school and makes a difference every single day, but expects nothing in return.”  ~ Submitted by a colleague