Halloween Letter From Dr. Carey

Halloween Letter from Dr. Carey
Posted on 10/31/2023

October 17, 2023

Dear ARIS Parents/Guardians & Students: 

Two weeks from today students are welcome to attend school in costume for a school-spirit day of Halloween fun. In lieu of a costume, many students prefer to simply wear a funny hat or Halloween-themed T-shirt, or even just orange/black colors. There are many ways students can participate comfortably in the spirit of the day without having to wear a costume if they do not wish to. If your child intends on dressing in costume, we ask that you keep the following expectations in mind:


  • Costumes should be school-appropriate, comfortable to wear for the day, and follow all dress code guidelines. 

  • Costumes should not be gory or express any form of violence.

  • Props are allowed as long as they do not distract from the educational environment and can be safely tucked away while in class. Toy guns, knives, swords, or other weapon-like toys are not allowed. These will be confiscated.

  • Students are not allowed to wear a costume mask. However, students may elect to wear face make-up. Parents/guardians are encouraged to support their child with regard to the safe and appropriate use of face make-up

  • Hats and hair coloring are acceptable. Hair coloring must be done at home, prior to coming to school.


  • We will follow a modified schedule on October 31. Students will attend each of their classes in a slightly abbreviated format, and then return to homeroom for the final 40 minutes of the school day. During this time students will participate in fall / autumn-themed educational activities.  

  • The District’s nutritional policy is in full effect on this day. Staff will not hand out any food or candy to students and food/candy is not to be distributed or shared between students. 


Christopher Carey, Ed.D.